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RBIB Roadside and Home Assist

A list of 24 hour emergency service solutions available to you.

Roadside & Accident Assist

Members have access to roadside assistance, tow-ins, courtesy transport, hotel accommodation, car rental and more.

Home Assist

In the event of a home emergency, we assist with fixtures & fittings, emergency services and call-outs.

Home Safe Chauffeur

We’ll ensure that you and your vehicle arrive home safely.

Crime Assist

24-hour crisis management assistance in the event of a hi-jacking or home invasion.

Intelligent Panic

24-hour panic service linked to your mobile device.

How We Help Keep You Safe

For Instant Access To All The Roadside and Emergency Services Available To You,

you can download the RBIB Assist Mobile App.

RBWIB App on a phone

Contact Us

for more information on the RBIB Assist product.

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