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Engineering & Mining Insurance Products

Protect your assets and manage your exposure with our unique engineering insurance products.

Assets All Risks

Every business needs to protect themselves against unexpected losses and mitigate the financial risk associated with running a business.


An Assets All Risks Insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage for a business's physical assets against a wide range of unforeseen circumstances such as fire, theft, natural disasters, and accidental damage. Given the specialised machinery and equipment used in the engineering and mining industry, this cover is essential to protect against significant financial losses.


All Risks Policy is essential for businesses as it safeguards their valuable assets, including buildings, equipment, inventory and fixtures from various potential threats. It enables businesses to mitigate financial losses, ensuring operational continuity and reducing the need for multiple specific policies.

All Risks

A Contractors’ All Risk insurance policy is a specialised form of cover that provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of risks and potential losses during the construction or execution of a project.


It is designed in such a way as to ensure that all such parties are indemnified for loss or damage to the property insured caused by sudden, accidental, and unforeseen incidents such as, but not limited to fire, flood, storm, wind, earthquake, water damage, accidental damage, and negligence.


This policy is highly relevant for construction and infrastructure projects, as it safeguards stakeholders—including contractors, subcontractors, and project owners—by mitigating financial risks associated with delays, property damage, and third-party liabilities. It plays a pivotal role in supporting the successful completion of projects while maintaining financial stability for all stakeholders involved.

Plant & Equipment

A Plant All Risks (PAR) insurance policy is a specialised form of cover designed to protect engineering and mining industries against a broad spectrum of risks associated with their equipment, machinery, and plant facilities, as well as site and road risk liability for third party accidents.


It provides indemnity for virtually all types of construction plant and equipment and includes mobile yellow metal plant such as Graders, Dozers, TLB's, Excavators and non-mobile construction plant and equipment such as generators, compressors, hand-held rollers, and compactors.


It ensures continuity of operations by providing financial support for repairs or replacements in case of equipment breakdown or accidental damage.

Rehabilitation Guarantees

Mining rehabilitation guarantee, also known as a mine closure bond or financial assurance, is a mechanism that ensures mining companies are financially responsible for the reclamation and rehabilitation of mining sites once mining operations cease.


When a mining project begins, the company is required to set aside funds or provide a financial guarantee which is held in a trust or dedicated account to cover the costs of environmental restoration and site rehabilitation. This guarantee serves as a form of insurance to ensure that the company has adequate resources to restore the land and mitigate any environmental damage caused by mining activities.


The purpose of the mining rehabilitation guarantee is to protect the environment and ensure that the costs of reclamation and rehabilitation are not shifted to the public or future generations. The amount of the guarantee is typically based on the estimated costs of reclamation and rehabilitation, which can include activities such as land re-contouring, soil stabilisation, water treatment, and reestablishment of vegetation.


In summary, mining rehabilitation guarantee is a financial mechanism that promotes responsible mining practices by holding companies accountable for the environmental impacts of their operations and ensuring that affected areas are restored to a satisfactory condition once mining activities cease.

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