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Liability Insurance Products

Protect yourself against the financial consequences of unexpected events.

Directors & Officers

As a company director or officer, when things go wrong there’s so much more than simply your position on the line. Directors and Officers Liability policies provide cover for the personal liability of directors and officers, as well as reimbursement for company indemnification following claims for any actual or alleged error, misstatement, misleading statement, act, omission or breach of duty.


The purpose of a Directors and Officers Liability policy is to protect and defend the personal assets of the directors and officers as well as a company’s balance sheet by paying on behalf of the directors and officers for non-indemnifiable claims, and it needs to protect the company in the event of a breach of securities regulations.

Environmental Liability

The effects of a pollution incident could have devastating consequences for the environment and communities involved, but also for the business responsible. Environmental liability insurance covers the costs associated with environmental damage or pollution caused by a business’s operations.


This type of insurance is most relevant to industries with higher environmental risks, such as manufacturing, construction, mining, chemical pollution or environmental damage. The expenses relating to cleanup and restoration of contaminated sites resulting from accidental spills, leaks or pollution incidents could be significant.


Environmental liability insurance helps ensure compliance with environmental laws while mitigating the financial risks associated with environmental accidents.

Events Liability

Events Liability insurance is essential for both event organisers and venue owners as it provides financial protection against a wide range of risks associated with hosting events. Each event is unique and can be costly to organise, and unforeseen circumstances can lead to significant financial losses and third-party liabilities.

Event organisers should carefully assess the risks associated with their specific event and consider appropriate insurance solutions suitable to the type of event. With the right events liability product in place, event organisers can navigate unexpected challenges while protecting their assets and reputation.

Kidnap & Ransom

With kidnapping for ransom and extortion incidents on the rise, companies or high net individuals who travel or work in high-risk regions, such as war zones, politically unstable areas, or countries with a history of kidnapping incidents, often invest in kidnap & ransom insurance to protect their employees, individual or business interests from potential threats. 


Kidnap and ransom insurance is a specialised type of insurance that provides coverage for the costs and expenses associated with situations involving abduction, extortion, or unlawful detention of individuals, typically in exchange for a ransom payment. The insurance is designed to protect individuals and organisations from financial losses and provide support in managing these complex and high-stress situations that can arise from such unfortunate incidents.


It ensures that there is financial support and expert assistance available in the event of a crisis.

Product & Defective Workmanship Liability

Product & Defective Workmanship Liability insurance is a type of insurance coverage that provides protection to businesses and manufacturers against financial losses resulting from the production or distribution of defective products. This coverage typically applies when a product is found to be faulty due to errors in its design, manufacturing, or labelling, and it causes harm or damage to third parties, such as consumers, users, or property.

Whether to cover legal expenses, provide compensation to injured parties or assist with a product recall, a tailored insurance solution can provide the necessary legal and financial support to deal with an unforeseen event.

Professional Indemnity

As we all know, accidents do happen which is why any individual or business that offers professional services, expertise or advice in a specialised field should have professional indemnity coverage to protect them against the financial cost of third-party claims resulting from claims of negligence, errors, omissions, or professional misconduct while providing professional services.

Whether it be for legal defense costs, financial compensation or for reputational management, having professional indemnity will provide the necessary cover for your needs and risk requirement.

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